Coconut Records “Davy” CD


CLIENT: Coconut Records

PROJECT: Design packaging for LP release of Coconut Records second full length album.

DETAILS: 4-panel Digipak: Matte White Ink Embossed over 4-Color printing

TOOLS: Hand-Drawn Illustration, Illustrator, Photoshop

Photography by Roman Coppola

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  1. [...] I discovered Coconut Records a while ago while I was researching the lead singer, Jason Schwartzman. He is a successful actor, whose side job is a band called Coconut Records. He has starred in many Wes Andersen movies, such as The Darjeeling Unlimited, Moonrise Kingdom, and recently, The Grand  Budapest Hotel. He started this band in 2006, and released their first album Nighttiming in 2007. At the time, their music is very Indie, but over the years, other bands have created a similar sound to Coconut Records. Recently they releaser a second album, Davy. [...]